World-first Goods Lottery project – LAMP888 Platform

Creating a world where the dreams and the reality are no longer separated. Meet the world’s first business model of its kind, LAMP888 Platform!

The LAMP stands for Lucky, Amazing, Magical, and Platform, to represent a concept of a place where lucky, amazing, and magical things happen 365 days a year.

This platform becomes to have Three Lottery games and
Three Gambling games

LAMP888 Platform has a unique user recruitment system

There are two tokens in this project

Transparent drawing system by using blockchain hash value

  • It is impossible to manipulate the winning number because it is drawn by the block of Ethereum blockchain.
  • The platform uses the smart contract of the Ethereum blockchain to prevent any hacking attempts the external intrusion.

The sharing methods of the winning award

This means that you can get the money in a more fairly and more interested direction.

Token information

LMT has listed on the exchange, Coineal ( )

Reward program

Do you want more detail information?
You can find here :

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