Bittrex International stops their service in Venezuela and 30 countries.

( 2019. 10. 21)

Bittrex International, a Malta-based international exchange of the US cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, has suspended services in 31 countries, including Venezuela.

They don’t give a clear reason for the suspension.
Coin Telegraph Espanyol reported on Monday that Bittrex International emailed Venezuela customers and announced that the exchange would suspend their accounts and transactions on October 29, and requested that the funds placed on the exchange should be taken before that date. However, Bittrex was not known to users to give a clear reason for the action.

Full Service Suspension for 31 Countries
It is not only Venezuela where the use of Bitex services is suspended at this time. Bittrex International said that services in 31 countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Congo Democratic Republic, Ivory Coast (Tunisia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Yemen) will be shut down.

Meanwhile, the move came as Venezuela increased its dependence on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) to avoid US sanctions. Venezuela’s state-owned oil-linked cryptocurrency, Petro (PTR), is also known to be designed to avoid sanctions and access new forms of international finance.

by Helen Partz

( source : cointelegraph )

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